what i’m loving: october

Here it is, the end of October…and my mind is filled with Christmas thanks to my job. Yes, all the Library branches are getting ready for their holiday programs and I’m the designer assigned to them. It is SO MUCH fun. I’ll admit, I get grinchy when I see holiday commercials on TV, because, well, it’s not even Halloween yet, but yesterday I caught myself wanting to pop on some holiday tunes while I was working because I am totally ready for all things holiday (Thanksgiving too – any holiday where the main purpose is to stuff yourself silly with special food is alright by me)!

This month truly did fly by, but after a few tough ones, I can finally say it was a great one! Here’s what’s making me smile this October:


1. How great is this paint chip art? I know, paint chip DIYs are so 2011, when everyone wanted to use them on everything. I’ll be honest, I really hated most of them because they just looked like paint chips. I think this one though looks super fun and geometric. I have a DIY project planned in the next week or so – maybe it will inspire me to tackle this too! I can think of so many color combos and places that need a little cheer in our house. A little turquoise, red, and yellow in the hallway? Some yellows and gray in the bedroom? I’ll leave you with bated breath…

2. Ugh. Sweaters. On the one hand, I love them because they are so cozy and hide the fact that you maybe haven’t run since your half marathon and you’ve been baking a lot (or is that just me?). But on the other hand, sweaters mean it’s cold out. And I really dread cold. This particular sweater and infinity scarf looks so dreamy though, I might welcome the falling temps. Might.

3. I can’t stop looking at this nautical bedroom! I’m always on the lookout for nautical-themed rooms since we’re still (STILL!) working on the guest bedroom. I can’t seem to make any decisions, but that’s a post for another day. The striped quilts on the bunks are the stuff my design dreams are made of and I pretty much have decided I need an anchor pillow. While this pic definitely does not make me rethink my decision to pain the walls navy and tan (I still go in to the room just to stare at the walls), I am thinking how much I love the white and need some wicker or rattan stat!

4. Wish list alert: I am dying over the Kate Spade library collection, specifically this scarf. It’s a beautiful bookshelf…you can wear. There is nothing I don’t love about this. (And to add to this major HINT HINT, there is a Kate Spade store opening in Kenwood for all locals and family who might be reading this.)

(Edited to add: OK, maybe just kidding…$128 is a lot for a scarf, especially a silk one that isn’t even warm…maybe just kidding.)

5. Back in the olden times when I lived in San Francisco, there was an Italian place in my neighborhood that was so great. It was small and family-run. It wasn’t so popular that you could never get in, but it was never so dead that you kinda got scared. And they had the second-best pizza. (The best is at Pizzeria Delfina in the Misson. For real go there immediately if you can.) But anyway, one time the place in my neighborhood had a pear and cheese and balsamic pizza that I still believe is one of the absolute best things I’ve ever eaten. OMG it was so good. Next pizza and wine night, I’m for sure making How Sweet It Is’s Caramelized Pear, Prosciutto + Blue Cheese Pizza.

{image sources, clockwise: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

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